How to Use the Tasks Edge panel to take a screenshot

Your device’s Edge panel can also help you out when taking a screenshot. You’ll just need to add the Tasks Edge panel and the Take screenshot shortcut.

  1. Open the panel by swiping left on the Edge panel handle on the right side of the screen.

  2. Tap the Settings icon at the bottom, and then swipe to and tap the Tasks panel to select it.

  3. Tap Edit under the panel. Your preferred shortcuts will appear on the right side; swipe to and tap Take screenshots on the left side to add this to your shortcuts.

    Note: The Take screenshots shortcut may be automatically added.

    List of tasks with icons on a Galaxy phone
  4. You can also select or deselect additional shortcuts if desired. To remove a shortcut, tap the red minus icon.

    Note: You cannot add more than twelve shortcuts.

  5. Then, navigate to a screen you’d like to capture.

  6. Swipe left on the Edge panel handle again to open it. Swipe left a second time to view the Tasks panel.

    List of tasks on the Tasks panel with a Galaxy phone
  7. Next, tap Take screenshot. Your device will take a screenshot of the current screen. Now, you can easily use this shortcut whenever you need to capture your screen!


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